Our Memorial Day

Our Memorial Day

I probably lack the ability to have the deep under-standing some have regarding this weekend. Neither my brother, father, myself, or my son served in the military. In years past I would turn to my oldest cousin, who served as a long time P-O-W during World War II, to help me understand. He died a few years ago, just shy of 100. As a P-O-W he went in weighing around 150 pounds and was returned home weighing around 100 pounds. He often would tell me that his situation was hard, with barely a piece of bread each day, but he would do it again if it meant insuring freedom for America. That is the heart of this Memorial Day weekend as we remember the many men & women who have given their all to insure our freedom. Here’s a pat on the back, a tip of the hat and a well-deserved thank you.

As Christians we celebrate a special MEMORIAL each and every Sunday as we remember the one who makes our spiritual freedom possible …Jesus, our Lord. May we all remember what He did and cherish His gift of salvation.


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