Christian Life

Christian Life

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Three Great Resolutions

As we approach the new year, many people start thinking about New Year’s resolutions. Let me give you three resolutions that will help you grow closer to God and closer to His church.  #1-Resolve to really get into reading and studying God’s Word in 2020. Have a plan and stick to it! For me personally, studying the Bible each morning around 5 and then capping off the night with a simple reading of God’s Word works best. I prefer a…

Jesus Prayed

During our 40 DAYS OF PRAYER we are joining together to actively seek God’s blessings on our five big events during these 40 days. The five big events being our 2020 Lads to Leaders ministry which had its kickoff on the first day of the 40 days, the impact of the first-ever nationwide door knocking campaign, our visiting missionaries (Chad Wagner will be with us October 20), annual BLAZE YOUTH RALLY and our first-ever SPARK. Let’s look at the prayer…
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They Prayed!

In the Old Testament, Abraham did it. Moses certainly did it and did it often. David was known to also do it. The prophets, both major and minor, did it. Even Jesus himself did it on many occasions. What am I talking about? They prayed! We are into day #15 of our 40 Days of Prayer. How are you doing? Is your prayer life booming? Are you excited to see what great things God will do when His children pray?…