I will receive a lot of disagreement on this because you believe you had the best mom (and rightly so) but here I go anyway. In my life I have benefited from the GREATEST MOMS of all time. First, I had the blessing of growing up with my own mother who was a true sacrificial mom. She gave up so much in order for me to have a great childhood. I was her ‘baby’ by many years as I had adult siblings when I was born, and I was certainly spoiled by being the youngest. Next, I had the joy of coming to know Lisa’s mom. Nan, as she was called, was an example of a woman who never gave up and always put her children first. Finally, I have had a first-row seat to witness the mothering style of my own Lisa. I only wish I were half the parent she has always been, first as a mom and now as a grandmother or as we call her, the Nana Bear (like a big cuddly bear).

Today, besides doing primarily what we do every Lord’s Day in putting God first in our worship, praise, and adoration, we also honor the contributions of our mothers. God knew what He was doing when He created the role of mother. The moms of 70 West display God’s love, compassion, comfort, support, and encouragement on a daily basis.

Thank you, moms, for being God’s gift to your families. May God receive the glory for the great things He has done through you.

I continue the sermon series on Mark by looking at the rest of chapter 11 and the beginning of chapter 12. In our study today Jesus has entered Jerusalem for his last visit and the cross is just days away. Each day of this final week will present essential teaching moments. If you don’t have a Sunday/Wednesday class, please join me in the auditorium as I take a detailed look at the last week in Jerusalem. That detail look will begin in next Sunday’s class.


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