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Blaze 2020

October 23-25

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Join us this Sunday for Bible Classes for all ages at 9:00am and stay for worship at 10:00am. We meet Sunday night at 6pm and Wednesdays at 7pm.

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BLAZE 2020

BLAZE 2020 is sneaking up very quickly. We need to be prepared. There are a few things YOU can do to lend a hand in helping with this undertaking. Youth- For all of you, I need you to invite, invite, invite. We had about 100 folks last year. Our goal for this year is 125 people in attendance. The only way this will happen is if you invite your friends. I have invitations for you to hand out over the…

Do You Have a Scar?

We all have them. I have one on the underside of my arm as a box cutter slipped one day while I was working in a grocery store as a teen and I sliced open my arm. I have another one on my upper arm as proof of a childhood vaccination. Just two weeks ago, while recording a video lesson, I gained a new one as I took a wrong step leaving the podium area and fell in the auditorium…

New Online Classes Coming Soon!

Small, but I believe significant, improvements are coming to our online Bible video classes and I’m extremely excited about the potential impact for increasing our Bible knowledge. Beginning in a few weeks, during my MANNA IN THE MORNING classes (Thursday – Saturday) and A MESSAGE OF HOPE classes (Monday & Tuesday), I will present my special way to really get to know the Bible. It will be through a unique survey of all 66 books. Each book of the Bible…

Success for Our 40 Days of Prayer!

Our 40 DAYS OF PRAYER officially ended this past Friday. Over the last few days, I have heard back from many people regarding this united effort of Christians around the world. From Kenya, “Thanks to the 70 West church for spearheading this effort. Our church here has been involved. We have seen faith grow. We have seen better cooperation. We have felt good about doing this with you.” From the Philippines, “40 DAYS OF PRAYER has helped me become dependent…