Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes?

Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes?

In 1985, the Country and Western artist George Jones released a song entitled, “Who’s Gonna Fill their Shoes”. The underlying theme of this song, as far as I know, is who will be the next Country and Western stars. I would like to use this idea as a spring board for this article. Let’s explore who’s gonna fill their shoes- spiritually.

Recently, we have laid to rest some good Soldiers of the Cross. We have had a tough few weeks. As we gather for these funerals, we see our loved one, heroes and teachers one last time here. We cry, wipe tears away and remember fondly about the lives of these strong brothers and sisters who lived a life that reflected God into a dark world. Those emotions are completely understandable and necessary.

As we cope and begin to live a life after those fallen Christians, it behooves us to ask the question— “Who’s gonna fill their shoes?” Those Christians would urge us to keep the Kingdom of God pure. They would tell us to keep going. Who is going to be our Eldership in the future? Will you be a teacher of others; a preacher of the Gospel; a wife of a preacher, Deacon or Elder? Will you be the one to step up and work with our youth or work with marriages in trouble? The Lord’s church needs you.

I cannot describe how pleased I am to stand so tall on the shoulders of men and women who have encouraged me to be faithful unto God. I now realized that I am the encourager to others. “Who’s gonna fill their shoes” —will it be you?

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