Give Me 5!

Give Me 5!

The game show Jeopardy is one of the few TV shows I watch. I’m always amazed at the knowledge of the contestants in every area other than the Bible. Stories I have known since my childhood stump most of the participants. The struggle demonstrated by these contestants reflects the overall drop in Bible knowledge in the last 50-years, but it doesn’t have to be.

GIVE ME 5! Give me just a little time from your personal schedule and watch the 5 weekly online classes dealing with our BIBLE STUDY CHALLENGE (on Facebook on your phone, tablet and laptop or YouTube for your Smart TV) plus the 5 daily minutes to go over your MASTER LIST of the Top Keys to REMEMBER. If you will give me those two 5s, come January 2021 you will have a great knowledge of God’s Word as you will KNOW & REMEMBER over 500 KEY stories from the Bible.

The strong viewership of this BIBLE STUDY CHALLENGE is due to the Lord’s blessings and your SHARES. Thanks so much for boldly standing up for God’s Word by clicking on SHARE.

Here’s how it works…we start with an open Bible, a highlighter, a notepad, and a regular pen. As I go through the MAJOR KEYS of each book, highlight the text I read, and write down on your notepad using a regular pen the WORD(s) I use for each MAJOR KEY. The words I use for a particular MAJOR KEY helps me to remember that KEY. It’s a word or a phrase that I can easily generate a WORD PICTURE in my mind. The more comical, extravagant, and odd a WORD PICTURE is, the easier it is to remember. After you have decided what word/phrase you will use for each key you will want to transfer that word/phrase over to the text in your Bible PLUS you will want to write it down in your MASTER LIST that you are compiling using the blank pages in your Bible. Besides watching the five weekly classes, take five minutes each day and go over the MASTER LIST, saying out loud each MAJOR KEY. That way you are both seeing each MAJOR KEY plus you are hearing it (double reinforcement for memory).

Even if you don’t want to gain the ability to REMEMBER the main stories of the Bible, you will want to join me in this study just to gain a BETTER UNDERSTANDING of how all the Bible fits together. Remember, I share these lessons on my MESSAGES OF HOPE classes on Mondays & Tuesdays @ 7 pm and my MANNA IN THE MORNING classes @ 7 am on Thursdays-Saturdays.


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