Very often, we as people, think of life in the aspect of time. We think of minutes, hours, days, and years. As Job would write in Job 14:1, “man is of few days…”. David wrote that a man’s life will be about “three score and ten”. Then James, the half brother of Jesus, wrote that “life is a vapor” (James 4:14). There is no shock to us to find out we have a difficult time with the comprehension of Eternity. We think of time always in our lives. Time to eat, time to sleep, time to work, time to gather with the saints, etc….

We sing “when we’ve been there ten thousand years” and try to realize the length of Eternity. If a man were able to count every blade of grass on earth, Eternity would only have just begun. This is one of many reasons why where I live eternally is so vitally important. You and I need to examine this concept seriously.

One option is life eternal. Eternal life is mentioned several times in God’s holy Word. Notice the following: John 3:16, Matthew 19:29, John 7:1-3, Matthew 25:46, Galatians 6:8, Romans 6:22, 1st Timothy 1:16… When you and I consider eternal life, we need to understand the importance of following God. Without following Him, we will not receive the great reward. Faithfulness unto His command is the key. That reward will be forever. What a great source of hope for us.

The other option is death eternal. This punishing sentence is mentioned several times also. Notice the following: Matthew 18:8; Mark 9:43-44; Jude 7; Romans 2:8-9; Luke 16:22-26; Revelation 20:10… The overwhelming and searing idea of eternal punishment makes us shutter. When I choose myself over all things, including God, the outcome will never be good. I, in effect, say I am god and I can save myself. This punishment will be forever. What a great source of dread for us.


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