Remember and Understand

Remember and Understand

As I write this article over 1,000 people have viewed the first two lessons in our new study series on how to REMEMBER & UNDERSTAND THE BIBLE. That’s great! If you are not part of that 1,000 it’s not too late. The only book we have covered so far is Genesis.

Maybe Bible study has been frustrating and bewildering to you because you can’t make heads or tails of what you read? Perhaps Bible study causes you to want to give up, thinking you will never understand. Don’t have those thoughts anymore. With my study method, you can REMEMBER the main stories of the Bible plus you will gain a better UNDERSTANDING.

My method centers around forming WORD PICTURES of the main stories in each book of the Bible and guess what …you already have experience in forming WORD PICTURES. For example, with Thanksgiving coming up, you might not remember exactly what happen during each and every Thanksgiving meal, but you do remember that Thanksgiving when you burnt the turkey, and everything went wrong and your family ended up going out to eat. That unique experience formed a PICTURE in your memory that’s still there even today. Likewise, I will take the main stories in each book of the Bible and help you create a unique WORD PICTURE in order to remember the KEYS to the Bible. As we go through the next 11-weeks you will be introduced to the main KEYS for all 66 books and we will form WORD PICTURES for each one.

Even if you don’t want to gain the ability to REMEMBER the main stories of the Bible, you will want to join me in this study just to gain a BETTER UNDERSTANDING of how all the Bible fits together. I will be sharing these lessons on my MESSAGES OF HOPE classes on Mondays & Tuesdays @ 7 pm and my MANNA IN THE MORNING classes @ 7 am on Thursdays-Saturdays.

BONUS: Ever wondered why there are blank pages near the front of your Bible, perhaps between the testaments and near the back of the Bible? Well, the blank pages are there for you to use for NOTES. Please consider compiling a MASTER LIST of all the KEYS I will share. I spend about 5 minutes each day reciting OUT LOUD the KEYS we have learned so far.



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