Yeah, but what about…

Yeah, but what about…

When a boy and girl start to date, perhaps they are not thinking about marriage. However, as they date longer their minds explore that fact. “I love you, me too…” Then a day rolls around to which a young man asks the father of his girlfriend if he can have his daughter as his bride. The engagement process begins and so does the wedding planning (mostly by the bride). On that day, he looks up the aisle and sees her in all her beauty walking down to him to be wed. What a wonderful and emotional day. A new family is established there. (When you say “I do”, you did!) With all the ups and downs, a strong family is conceived.

As life trudges on, there will be highs. Birth of children, anniversaries, vacations and day trips all build a memory bank to which we often reflect and smile, understanding those great times together. There will also be lows in this relationship. Tragic days and events, death and disagreements also mark our lives. But, what happens when it seems like trouble has moved in to my marriage? What happens when my marriage is dissolved by my choice and not by the regulations of God, which is death?

Only one reason is given by God for a marriage to be destroyed without death. That is an illicit sexual relationship outside of the bounds of marriage, known as adultery. In this case, only the faithful spouse has the God- given right to marry again. The guilty party has no right to marriage again. Our society is full of incorrect adulterous relationships masquerading as marriage.

When this subject is brought up, question automatically arise. “Yeah, but what about…” is generally how the question begins. I am going to publish in this article the answer to every question about the idea of this next relationship. MATTHEW 19:1-11. Matthew 19:9 is generally how we answer, however the context of verses1-11 give the overwhelming reason. When any reason other than what is stated in this passage, that reason is WRONG. That relationship is not a God sanctioned relationship and this relationship is sinful. At times, folks can learn the truth about this relationship and say, “but I cannot leave…” Those folks need to be told clearly that the choice to stay in this relationship is to choose the relationship OVER God.

One man, One woman for One lifetime with One Exception.


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