Remembering the Risen One

Remembering the Risen One

When this day rolls around each year, the majority of the religious world takes some time to meditate and focus on the One called Jesus the Christ. Usually, this Sunday is the most well attended service of the year (This fact was shocking to me). We think of the unfair and unjust way our Lord was treated and paraded through the streets in shame. We recall the vicious nature by which the Romans and Jewish leaders had no regard toward a Man that was innocent. How does the church remember the Risen One today?

Yearly- We can closely estimate the time of the Passion week due to the Jewish calendar. In doing such, we realize that the date is not holy in and of itself. However, as we think of this week, we reflect on the Triumphant Entry, the establishment of the Memorial, the Death, the Burial and the Resurrection of the Lord of the Universe. As we reflect on this week, we can generally understand weather and length of the daylight. We can almost dissect every minute detail. We can reflect on the mindset of the mob and how volatile Jerusalem must have been. A lot of things can happen in 7 days.

Weekly- As we closely examine the details of that week specifically, we then notice how the memorial of this week was set up. In Matthew 26:26-28 and 1 Corinthians 11 we read about that night the Memorial came into existence. Jesus set up the Supper with the elements of the Passover meal. This memorial, known to us as the Lord’s Supper, was set up for us to remember the Sacrifice made for mankind. To help us realize how great a sacrifice this was, we often move our thoughts from a sacrifice for all mankind to deeply look at the Lamb put to death for me. This Supper in observance of the death of Christ is to be recognized EVERY WEEK. When the Supper is observed weekly, we can reflect every week on the Sacrifice and we have the opportunity to correct ourselves weekly

Daily- With all the blessings God has showered onto us as a people, the greatest gift He offers is the fact that we can be relieved from the guilt of sin. As the intent of Romans 6:23 is read, we see that the wages of sin is death. But did you know, those wages of sin ought to be paid immediately? God blesses us with the opportunity of time. Time to serve Him. Time to correct any offenses before God. Time to teach someone else about the Memorial Supper.

Every Sunday is a gift from God and is a special day! Use it to give glory and honor unto Him!


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