Is My Religion Pure?

Is My Religion Pure?

We read the common definition in James 1:27. We look at our lives and consider the fact that so many around my say they are religious but we notice the fruit that their lives produce. We can tell those spiritual things are second at best in their lives…

However, today I want you to avoid looking at anyone else. Stop looking around and look at your life. How is YOUR religion? Do you stand before the Almighty as pure? Are you acceptable? Do you know what is acceptable?

Firstly- Pure religion sees the need of others. “Visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction…” deals with the fact that I need to look up and see the needs of others. We live in a world of trouble and problems. Everyone has them. We only have two options: 1. The self-centered option of focusing in only on MY issues or 2. The Savior-centered option of help the world around me to see Jesus. Whichever option you choose, your religion will show itself as pure or putrid. Look up, the fields are white unto harvest.

Secondly- Pure religion sanctifies me. “Keep oneself unspotted from the world…” deals with the fact that I as a child of God must be different from the world. Words like pure and unspotted mean something and ought to mean something to us. Unsoiled, not dirty or contaminated with the sins and filth of this world. Am I unsoiled for 168 weekly or do I just put on “clean clothes” when I come to the church building? Are you the same person all week? If not then at some point you know what you are doing is not following God. That means it is time to change something in order for my religion to be pure.

Thirdly- Pure religion is always seen by God. “Undefiled before God is this:…” deals with the fact that God sees all thing, good and bad; righteous and unrighteous; pure or putrid. How does God see you and your religion? Is it time to change? Isn’t today a great day to start afresh?


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