Mouse Traps

Mouse Traps

Today I want you to listen and try to fully digest this pithy statement. “There is plenty of cheese in a mouse trap, but there are no happy mice.” We often giggle and snicker at the statement. As we do that, we are only looking at the surface of this statement. Let’s look deeply this morning.

Plenty of cheese in a mouse trap: (Hebrews 11: 24-25) Cheese is the draw to the dangerous and deadly mouse trap. The cheese is so tempting that the foolish mouse is willing to place aside his natural skittish behavior to get a chance to possibly eat some of that delicious cheese. It is the fact that desire outweighs logic. All too often, we act the same way. Instead of seeing sinful activities and scared to violate God’s commands, we try to justify why we “need” to do this thing or that thing. Sin is pleasurable. Sin is plenteous. Sin is rampant. There is plenty of cheese in a mouse trap.

There are no happy mice: (Proverbs 13:15) Surely with that much cheese the mice are fully satisfied and happy, right? That thought process is foolish. Every mouse that attempts to retrieve the cheese from the mousetrap finds himself DEAD. As the Proverb above states, “the way of the transgressor is hard.” There is no harder way than death. This is the ultimate end of sin. Sin separates us from God both on Earth and in Eternity, if left unchecked. Try to imagine the man or woman who walked away from God to serve self. How unhappy that person must be throughout Eternity. There certainly are no happy mice.

Do not get caught up in the pursuit of sin. Remember that “there is plenty of cheese in a mousetrap, but there are no happy mice.”


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