Why is summer camp so important?

Why is summer camp so important?

Every year we leave our comfortable homes and go to a rugged campground for a week. It is a fun time together. It is hot. It is hard. Beds are different. Wildlife is all around us. IT IS NOT A VACATION! So why do we go? Why is it so important?

Summer Christian youth camps are a time to grow closer to God through His Word. The central point of camp is the Bible. At Camp Ida, we have bible classes about 2 hours daily. We have a bible bowl that week for which we have to study. This bible bowl is generally on the L2L book for that year (Romans this year). We have a worship service every night. We sing often. We have cabin devotionals. We answer Bible questions from campers all day long. The whole camp is stronger in God’s Word as we drive back on Friday.

Summer Christian youth camps are packed with fun. We play sports a lot! We learn how to work together on sporting teams. The campers and counselors play together. The adults prove that a person can play and laugh and still be a faithful Christian. Ga-ga ball, basketball, volleyball, art, puzzles, football, wiffleball are all part of camp. We go swimming daily (segregated of course). Camp is fun and exhausting.

Summer Christian youth camps are full of fellowship. Living together in small quarters makes you grow closer as a group. We eat together in a small building. We do EVERYTHING together. Sometimes it seems odd on Sunday, but by Friday so many tears are shed due to the fact that we have to part.

Interestingly, Summer Christian youth camps are a little slice of Heaven. Maybe summer camp would help you grow too. Do not miss your chance to be a part of this great work.


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