What is a Miracle?

What is a Miracle?

We have heard it said, frequently, that certain events in our lives are “miracles”. It could be that a person walks away from a automobile accident that was devastating or that a child is born into this world and those events be put into the category of the miraculous. Is this true?!? Is this statement not true? What, is a miracle, biblically speaking?

A miracle is when Deity, that is the Everlasting God, bypasses the natural order which He placed as the order, to prove to man He is God and have mankind listen to Him. Every single miracle that has every been done, was done to have us listen to the commands of God. Today let’s notice only one miracle in order to understand these ideas.

2 nd Kings 5:1-14 records for us the account of a man named Naaman. He was a good man. He was a man of great power. He was a Gentile. Verse 1 also tells us he was a leper, unfortunately. To be a leper was a death sentence during this time. Leprosy is caused by bacteria and is highly contagious. It is debilitating and eventually it causes the loss of the extremities. While it is no longer an issue in the U.S.A., it is still dealt with throughout the world.

Naaman goes to see the prophet of God and is given that answer to his leprosy. When he follows the plan of God, he was completely cleansed. Several folks are around as this happens. Who was supposed to listen and what was the message? Naaman was the first stop as we look at who was supposed to listen, obviously. But take a moment to think of the servants around this miracle. How many never heard of the One True God, and now they see Him working to heal a man who was a Gentile. Do you think that changed their perception of God? Do you think Gd proved Himself as the one True God or do you think He was put into the category of every other god? By the way, do you think it strengthened the faith of the little girl who told Naaman’s wife about the prophet? And what about Naaman’s wife?

We may never fully understand the full implications of this miracle. However, what you and I can understand, is following God’s plan correctly and completely will cleanse us fully.


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