Sign Communication

Sign Communication

Through Michael’s efforts in the community and online feedback from some of our community members, it has become glaringly obvious that the 70 West congregation is largely anonymous in the Hot Springs community.

If we are to fulfill the mission God has appointed us, this is something we have to address. As a congregation, we are kicking off some projects and programs targeted towards 70 West having a larger and more public imprint on the Hot Springs community.

1. We have begun to direct mail the House to House Periodical to individual homes / addresses in Hot Springs. It is a great way to get the gospel into people’s hands. We ask that you join in and support this endeavor. Be prepared to give an answer to those in our community that may have questions about what they have received. If you see someone with one of the periodicals, use it for a conversation starter. Some the conversations may not be pleasant but some will be with hearts prepared for the gospel to be sown.

2. We are improving our signage. We’ve had a large number of responses from the community stating that they didn’t know there was a church building here and we’ve a lot of complaints over the years from visitors not being able to find us. Admittedly, our road side signage is not obvious. We will be investing in a new sign, relocated, raised and with an LED panel through which we may communicate pointed messages.

3. Our online presence, Facebook, YouTube & Truth.FM – we will continue with our current programming and seek new ways to specifically target the Hot Springs audience through that programming. One of the simplest ways to do that is to have each member here actively engaged in it. Be our advertising, share the lessons posted on your Facebook pages, let people know about Truth.FM and our videos on YouTube.

There are several more outreach programs under consideration or development. We ask the entire congregation to get engaged, leverage the tools at your disposal to spread God’s word through our community.


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