Success for Our 40 Days of Prayer!

Success for Our 40 Days of Prayer!

Our 40 DAYS OF PRAYER officially ended this past Friday. Over the last few days, I have heard back from many people regarding this united effort of Christians around the world.

From Kenya, “Thanks to the 70 West church for spearheading this effort. Our church here has been involved. We have seen faith grow. We have seen better cooperation. We have felt good about doing this with you.”

From the Philippines, “40 DAYS OF PRAYER has helped me become dependent on prayer. Thanks for doing the 40 DAYS.”

From Mississippi, “These 40 DAYS have reminded me of the power of prayer. I’m afraid I often don’t pray enough. Seeing those pictures (note-she’s talking about the daily Facebook reminders we posted) each day served to motivate me. I feel closer to God and closer to my church. Thanks for doing it. When do we do another 40 DAYS?”

From Oklahoma, “Our nation desperately needs prayer. Thanks for getting this effort started. I’m not quitting. I’m still praying every day!”

From our family here at 70 West, “I’m so thankful our elders decided to do this 40 DAYS OF PRAYER. I have enjoyed starting each day knowing that we are praying together as a team. I hope we do more things like this in the future.

Overall, I can quickly say that these 40 DAYS OF PRAYER FOR OUR NATION was a success. I want to personally thank Bill Brannon, Alan Dishongh, Donnie Pogue, Tim Togami, and Festus Ugbade for the wisdom of doing the 40 DAYS. I am already looking forward to our next TEAM EFFORT.

Please join me this evening as BIBLE INVESTIGATION rolls out a special request from a young minister that I worked with back when he was a teen. It will be a lesson that very easily could impact someone YOU KNOW.

~ Michael Cox


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