Sharing Our Faith

Sharing Our Faith

I’m so excited! Can you tell? Tomorrow kicks off a 12-week study that will take us from Genesis to Revelation. It’s my survey of the Bible and the survey includes the way that I REMEMBER and UNDERSTAND God’s Word.

Have you ever wished that you could REMEMBER what you read from the Bible? Do you struggle with the massive amount of information and often can’t seem to keep it all straight? Perhaps you ever thought, “I would like to be a better student of God’s Word but how do I do that?”

Maybe Bible study has been frustrating and bewildering to you because you can’t make heads or tails of what you read? Perhaps Bible study causes you to want to give up, thinking you will never understand. Don’t have those thoughts anymore. With my method, you can REMEMBER the main stories of the Bible plus you will gain a better UNDERSTANDING.

My method centers around forming WORD PICTURES of the main stories in each book of the Bible and guess what … you already have experience in forming WORD PICTURES. For example, if I said the word, “terrorist” what pops in your mind? Perhaps the burning Twin Towers in NYC? That’s a WORD PICTURE. I will take the main stories in each book of the Bible and help you create a WORD PICTURE, in order to remember the KEYS to the Bible. As we go through the next 12-weeks you will be introduced to the main KEYS for all 66 books and we will form WORD PICTURES for each one.

Even if you don’t want to gain the ability to REMEMBER the main stories of the Bible, you will want to join me in this study just to gain a BETTER UNDERSTANDING of how all the Bible fits together. I will be sharing these lessons on my MESSAGES OF HOPE & MANNA IN THE MORNING classes beginning tomorrow (Message on Mondays & Tuesdays & Manna on Thursdays-Saturdays).

While not required, you may want to purchase a set of GEL HIGHLIGHTERS @ Walmart for $4.44 and a set of PIGMA MICRON 01 BIBLE NOTE PENS from Amazon for $14.46. This will make taking notes in your Bible a little easier.


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