Marriage: Prepare and Enrich

Marriage: Prepare and Enrich

In the field of marriage counseling the gold star tool used by more counselors to help couples preparing for marriage; plus married couples wishing to improve their marriage is: PREPARE/ENRICH. PREPARE/ENRICH measures a couples maturity in the 15 major building blocks of a great marriage. Building blocks such as marriage communication, financial management, faith, how to deal with the in-laws, and problem solving. I have used PREPARE/ENRICH with my couples for over 30 years and have found it to be invaluable. The very lengthy report that is generated by the couple’s responses to 165 questions guides me in helping each couple. Each building block has a score of 100% or less. For my counseling I focus just on the building blocks that score less than 81%. Most couples I work with have at least 6 building blocks requiring assistance in improving.

In the 30+ years of using PREPARE/ENRICH I have only had ONE couple to score an 81% or higher on all 15 building blocks. That is until now. Matthew and Rachel scored at least 81% on all 15 building blocks of a great marriage, becoming only my second couple to ever achieve that lofty height. That’s a sign of their maturity, compatibility, and spiritual grounding. The wedding yesterday was great but the marriage I predict will be even better. Best wishes for Matthew and Rachel.

Are you ready for 2020 to be over? With the new year looming we are getting ready for a much better 2021. We will kick off 2021 with the 40 DAYS OF DEVOTIONS. For the first 40 days of the new year Billy and I will offer a brief 2 or 3-minute devotion at the beginning of each day. What a great way to start each day with the 40 DAYS OF DEVOTIONS.

More and more churches, families, and individuals are joining us in the BIBLE STUDY CHALLENGE. Come February we will KNOW our Bible!

– Michael Cox


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