Our New Study: Bible Investigation

Our New Study: Bible Investigation

A change took place last week. Did you notice? Our online Bible class at 9 pm A NEW DAY, A NEW YOU was replaced by the class, BIBLE INVESTIGATION. You might wonder ~why?

Originally BIBLE INVESTIGATION was going to be about twice per month and feature a more in-depth study of a particular subject or an examination of questions that had been emailed in. The reaction to the first three classes was outstanding as those three classes were averaging almost 70% above what we normally get in total number of views.

The decision was made to make BIBLE INVESTIGATION a regular online class. The class can be viewed LIVE at 9 pm Monday-Saturday. So far, the first six classes have averaged 450 views.

If you have questions you want explored during BIBLE INVESTIGATION, a special email address has been set up for that purpose. Email your questions to preachermichaelcox@hotmail.com -This email address is only for the online classes. All names are kept confidential.

At the time of this writing a total of 135 people have emailed in questions covering a total of 74 topics/questions (some people have asked the same question).

As we resume Wednesday evening services, I will make an outline available for the auditorium class. If you want an advance copy of that outline, please send your request to preachermichaelcox@ gmail.com.


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