Can a man “ACCEPT” Jesus?

Can a man “ACCEPT” Jesus?

So many have been taught that mankind only needs to “accept” Jesus in order to be saved by God. Is this true? What does the term accept mean? What about baptism, repentance or confession? How do I understand the idea of accept?

Accepting Jesus means the following:

We must accept Jesus as KING. The title Christ means King. Jesus is the King of kings and the Lord of all lords (Revelation 19:16). Being the King means a few things. Being King means that all authority belongs to Jesus (Ephesians 1). When we understand the authority wielded by Jesus is to understand His power and mighty alongside His holiness and righteousness. How great is our God!

We must accept the PLAN of the Father. According to Acts 8, it is impossible to preach Jesus and not preach the plan of God to saved mankind. To preach Jesus IS TO preach: the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus; the way man accesses the blood of the Sacrifice; a faithful life of praise; etc.… We must live according to God’s plan in order to receive God’s privileges.

We must accept the fact that I AM 2nd. As we live in our current society, we are constantly told that we are “top of the heap” or the world bows down to us. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!!! When I place ANYTHING, including myself, in the 1st place then I have removed God from His rightful place. I then have made myself an idol (Colossians 3). When God is in His proper place, then I am not first.

Can a man “accept” Jesus? Yes, if man is willing to accept the authority of Jesus, the plan of God and the fact that I need salvation by obedience. When this occurs, I am on my way to standing before God justified.


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