Online Study Material

Online Study Material

Thanks so much for making our online video Bible lessons (Manna in the Morning, Two Minutes that can make a Difference in Your Life, Message of Hope and Bible Investigation) such big successes. The viewership remains constant and that is because of YOU. YOU have shared these messages with your Facebook friends by clicking on SHARE and SHARE NOW, thus increasing our potential audience. Thanks for the helpful SHARES, the encouraging LIKES, and the many great COMMENTS.

Would you like to be able to view our online classes on something bigger than your phone or laptop screen? Did you know that our classes are also available on YouTube? You can watch our classes LIVE at 7 & 9 OR you can watch the classes a few hours later when YouTube adds them to our archived classes. With YouTube, you can easily watch our classes on most Smart TV sets.

Many Smart TVs come already loaded with YouTube as a channel or in some cases, you can go to the list of channels available and add YouTube to your TV. In most cases (if not all), you will need to sync your YouTube account with your TV. If you don’t have a YouTube account, it’s easy and free to sign up. Just call me and I will talk you through this if you have any problems. Please remember that I have counseling commitments every evening, 7 days each week, from around 5 to past 10.

With YouTube, when time comes for one of our classes at 7 or 9, all you need to do is turn on the TV, flip over to YouTube channel and pull up 70 West church of Christ. If you are tuning in AFTER 7 or 9 you will need to wait a few hours until they are added to the archived list. These online Bible classes are another way we are taking the gospel to the world around us.

Questions coming up on BIBLE INVESTIGATION this week:

  • Monday-“Why do bad things keep on happening to me?”
  • Tuesday “If you could only preach one sermon what would it be?”
  • Wednesday-“What can Jesus do for my depression?”
  • Thursday-“Why doesn’t God do something about the problems of the world?”
  • Friday-“Where can a Christian family turn for clean entertainment?”
  • Saturday-“My family died in a tornado. Where was your God?”
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