Now What?

Now What?

We are all in an odd place in history. This is an interesting time as we maneuver through this very strange time of virus and quarantine. We can talk to others around us and hear the grumblings of the desire to get back to our “normal” life. Our older generation wants to go back to work. Our younger generation wants to see their friends. But let’s focus in on the church during this time of uncertainty. 

The 70 West congregation has started some great works during this time. Manna in the Morning at 7am, Message of Hope at 7pm, and A New Day, A New You at 7:45 pm are online every day. Sunday morning class, Wednesday evening class, youth events, and interactive classes are ongoing, online. While all these things are now up and running, we need to join these events, classes, and studies. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE THINGS. As you participate, remember to like and share these classes in order to allow more and more people to be exposed to the truth of God’s Word. 

While all this COVID-19 quarantine has been ongoing, have you been studying more? Have you been reading your Bible more? Have you been more focused on Christ? I surely hope so. We have so much more time to focus on God’s Kingdom, I am confident that the church is poised to have a growth period. 

During this virus, have you spent more time with your family? Have you realized that our life before was too busy? Have you had the opportunity to play card games or board games with your children or parents? I know my family has grown closer together. Hopefully, we will learn the lesson to slow down. 

But what happens when all this time of confusion is over? Will we, as the 70 West church of Christ, continue to post these classes and studies? YES! A more important question is, will you as students, continue to be a part of these classes? Will you continue to like and share the Bible studies? Will you continue to invite your friends? Will you still be involved in your family’s life and events? 

We must realize that the end of this quarantine is inching closer toward us every day. Do not lose all the progress you and I have made as Christians and as families during this time. Let’s keep this growth going after “normal” life returns. 

I love you and I cannot wait to see you all soon ~Billy Hayes 


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