The Little Things

The Little Things

Sometimes the ‘LITTLE THINGS’ can be so important. A little extra effort can go a long way especially when it concerns the impact of God’s Word. 

Take for example the simple step of clicking on SHARE and SHARE NOW after watching one of the Bible class videos being produced by Tim Togami, Billy Hayes, and myself. Please, after studying with us, click on that SHARE and invite your own Facebook friends to join us in the study. 

I recently established a special email address ( for questions related to these online Bible classes. About 10 days ago I received an email from a person out of state who had several questions. That first email produced many follow-up emails between the student and me. I could easily detect her interest in the Bible. That series of emails prompted me to ask permission to share her contact information with a local minister. She agreed and I believe a new sister in Christ will be the result in the very near future. 

Early on in our email correspondence, I asked her how she came across our Bible videos because I knew she was not one of my Facebook friends. It turned out that a 70 West member SHARED the class and she watched it. 

What if this 70-West member had not SHARED the video? Then we would NOT be anticipating a new sister in Christ. It’s as simple as that! 

Please, take the extra effort and click on SHARE and SHARE NOW to bless your friends. 

~Michael Cox 

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