Are you ready yet? 

Are you ready yet? 

In our world today, we find ourselves in the mental state as if we are in jail. We equate our homes during quarantine as if we are sentenced to the department of corrections penal facility, never to get out again. This is the classic human condition. We cannot see the bigger picture, or maybe we will not see the bigger picture. We focus all of our time and attention on why we cannot go and do this or that. Allow me to lift your spirits. THIS WILL END! If you are like me, it cannot end quickly enough. Before you categorize this quarantine as a horrible memory, let me remind you of a few things. 

Be thankful for our Elders’ decisions to feed the flock regularly. During this time, you will have noticed (I hope) how many new Bible studies have been started. At least three times a day, you can study the Bible with Michael and Billy. Has this been a positive habit in your life? Will you continue to keep up these studies after the quarantine is lifted? I hope you will realize how much our Eldership loves us and want to protect and feed us. 

Be thankful for your family. Many people do not have family near them. Fortunately, my family is at home with me. Has your family grown closer during this time? Hopefully, your family ties are pulled together very tightly now. God has allowed us to slow down and understand that the things we placed into the “important” category are not really that important. It finally hit me this week. My girls will not be at home forever. I had better enjoy it while I can. 

Be thankful for being a Christian. It is vitally important we understand what was paid for my debt of sin. Perhaps, just as important is the directive given to the child of God. My command is to provide for my brothers and sisters who need help. The COVID-19 virus has told me the following: “Put your money where your mouth is!” The church has studied the idea of helping others at length and now the church must now put that plan into action. By the way, putting this plan into action is a heart-warming action for me and it is helpful to my brothers/ sisters. 

Thank God for our opportunities during this pandemic. I love you and cannot wait to see you again! 

~Billy Hayes 


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