A New Way in a New Year

A New Way in a New Year

As I remember it, this is the story. A preacher took his position in the pulpit and preached a wonderful sermon on the subject of being prepared for the Judgment Day. As the congregation filed past him, they told him how good of a job he did with that sermon. The next Sunday rolled around, and the same preacher preached on the same topic. The congregation found that to be a little odd, but, just like the previous week, they complemented the preacher. Week three came up and the preacher preached about… being prepared for the Judgment Day. At this point, many were confused. One of the Eldership came to him and asked why he was preaching on the same topic for 3 weeks. The preacher replied, “When we all respond to this sermon right, we’ll move on.” As we think and ponder on this idea, let’s take a few moments to reflect on how we study during worship.

Study with a purpose. To just listen, probably w ill not allow the Word of God to stick with us. We need to study with the intent to hear and heed to God’s Word.

Turn and read every Scripture. After all, these are the thoughts of the All-Mighty God to mankind. Take the time to saturate yourself with His Word. There is not a better time than when you are with His people.

Write things down in a notebook or in your Bible. I w rite in my Bible consistently. Notes in the margins are a good thing. It helps me remember how these different books are tied together.

Block out everyone and everything else. As a fellow w ho has the opportunity to speak before a group, I am sure that I butcher the English language. Please do not focus on my ability or inability. Focus on God and His Word. You will get more out of the study if you forget about me.

Go back and reflect. Hearing and studying in this room is great but how much more can we retain if we go back and stream the sermon again? You will be able to get so much more out of the lesson because, as we all know, the key to learning is repetition.

Application is the key. Without application, study of God’s Word is really pointless. When we understand the Word and then apply that Law to our lives, then we begin to grow.



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