A New Look at the Charging Station

A New Look at the Charging Station

This week, I spent a little time at the Verizon store. I would not recommend this process to anyone, ever! But the fact of the matter is that sometimes we have to go to those type of establishments. That being said, I noticed the “perk” offered by this company inside their storefront- the charging station. The purpose for this station, I think, is to keep the patron occupied as not to realize how long of a wait is ongoing. After I saw this station, I looked at it differently.

Batteries are dying left and right, every minute of every hour. For the Christian, the assembly of the church together, is in fact our charging station. We feel run down. We feel alone. We might feel nothing because our battery is completely dead. For the Christian’s charging station, the church, to work properly:

We must use the gather effectively- We often charge our phones overnight-EVERYNIGHT! However, we do not see the importance of meeting with the saints, EVERYTIME.

We must use the gathering when needed- In addition to charging every night, we also charge our phone if the battery starts to die. However, we often overlook the need for us to gather with the saints when life drags us down to a worldly level.

We must use the gathering when others need it- How many times have you asked or asked another if you could borrow their charger or charging cord? However, we dismiss the fact that others may need us to help them charge.

We must use the gathering for its intended purpose- If you never plug your charger into the source of power, it will never charge the battery. However, we often think or state that I need to pull myself up by my own bootstraps.

Without the charging station/charger for your cell phone, that phone would be pointless. What about us as Christians? GET TO THAT CHARGING STATION!!!


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