Keep My Commandments

Keep My Commandments

The message may be brief but that doesn’t mean the message can be overlooked. With the cross looming just hours away, Jesus says, in a few words, a powerful message for all His followers, both the ones surrounding Him at that moment and followers today.
In John 14:15 Jesus says, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” ESV

“IF”-It’s a conditional statement. Either you love Him, or you do not love Him. There is no middle ground. It’s a 24/7 call …not sometimes or when you like it. It’s not for only when it is convenient or just on Sunday. It’s a condition that is applicable for all the time.

“YOU”-No one can do this for you. Not a spouse, parent or child can make this decision for YOU. You can’t cast a proxy vote for a family member. It’s personal. Only YOU can do this for YOU.

“LOVE”-The key word in the sentence. Jesus expects you to LOVE Him and do the condition that follows. LOVE is not from the surface but rather it’s from within the heart. It’s not just mere words. It springs from the heart and is made evident by the actions that follow.

“ME”-It’s a decision to love either Jesus or the world. While you may want to love both and hang onto both, you can’t.

“YOU WILL”-Once again, to drive home the point, it’s personal. YOU and only YOU can make this decision.

“KEEP”-The word KEEP implies effort. It’s not something that just happens. You can’t just fall into it automatically. Each one must put forth the effort required ‘to walk the walk and talk the talk’.

“MY COMMANDMENTS”-My commandments suggest there are other commandments that are NOT his commandments. These would be the commandments of the world. In other words, the opposite of His commandments.

May you and I always abide by His words and keep on loving the One who makes our eternal future possible.


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