News and Notes

News and Notes

We are living today in a very different world. The ‘coronavirus scare’ has impacted all of us. Nothing like
this has happen in our country since the days of the 1918 influenza panic. I remember my grandmother (the only grandparent I had still alive when I was born – my mother’s mother) telling me stories about the influenza panic of 1918. She was born in 1876 so she was a mom with both adult children and small children at home (she had a bunch of kids …large family size runs in my mother’s family). According to ‘Ma Dial’, the key to their survival was HOPE for a better day. That HOPE can only be found in the Lord.

This morning I kick off a study on the life of Joseph and his great HOPE. This study will continue as an ONLINE STREAMING Bible class that I will offer each night at 7 on both my personal Facebook page and the church’s Facebook page. You can view online on either page.

Grab your Bible and please join me nightly at 7 as we study the life of Joseph and his unquenchable HOPE for a better day. If you have questions about how to get online or how to view either of the two Facebook pages, please see Tim Togami. He’s the guy I always turn to regarding technology questions.

This 7 pm nightly Bible study class will continue until we resume our regular Bible study/worship times.

For those wishing to study in the morning time, I’m also hoping to announce a morning Bible study online streaming class in the very near future. Please let me know what time you would PREFER, and I will do what’s best for the majority of the morning crowd.

Please remember …if you need anything (groceries, prescriptions, other needs) please let us know. We want to serve! Please continue to check on each other and let us know of any need.

On a different note, I remember a comment made by one of my Bible professors back when I was in school. He said, “Throughout the centuries, the greatest growth spurts for the Lord’s church has always happen during difficult times.” Through our examples of compassion and caring for our community during this difficult time, may we reflect the true spirit of Jesus so many more may come to know His saving power.


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