Finding Open Doors

Finding Open Doors

In some ways, Susan is a Christian due to something Judy did. The funny thing about that statement is the fact that Judy and Susan did not know each other until AFTER Susan became a Christian.

Here’s what happen almost 20 years ago. Judy was scheduled to have surgery and keeping my normal procedure back then as it is still now, I was at the hospital waiting for her to arrive on the day of her surgery. I have always tried to be at the hospitals in order to have a prayer with the patient before surgery begins.

As I stayed with the family in the waiting area, Susan came by during her break. Susan worked in the one-day surgery unit as a secretary. I had seen her on many occasions and had enjoyed many brief conversations with her. Susan asked if I could talk with her, so I stepped away from the family. Susan was facing a tremendous problem in life and needed guidance. I immediately turned to the one true guide, God’s Word. We prayed together. That discussion led to a Bible study which over the weeks that followed, finally resulted in Susan putting on her Savior in baptism.

Looking back at Susan’s decision I wondered what would have happen if Judy had not informed me of her surgery and I had not been there at the hospital to pray with Judy. If I had not been there that morning would the opportunity ever materialize?

Because Judy kept me informed, a door was opened into Susan’s heart and a new Christian was eventually born. So, Susan is a Christian due to something Judy did even though they did not know each other until much later.

You never know when a door might be opened. Please use me by keeping me informed of opportunities and needs. I want to do a better job serving this congregation tomorrow than I did today. I can only accomplish that goal if you help me. Thanks, and let’s make Jesus the focus every day!~Michael Cox


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