Sum of Thy Word is Truth

Sum of Thy Word is Truth

We read so deliberately in Psalm 119:160 the following: “the sum of Thy word is truth.” It seems so easy to understand, doesn’t it? It almost seems so elementary that this idea does not need to be said. But, we as humanity, very often forget this idea. Let’s take a few moments to dissect this verse.

First, it is essential to understand that God’s Word is the only source of truth. His Word holds true. John 17:17 continues this idea that His Word is truth. Peter writes that God provides all things for us for life and Godliness. Unfortunately, we have moved our thinking to one of two ideas: 1. God’s Word is no long true or 2. Mankind’s word has eclipsed God‘s Word. Which ever side you fall on; you find the fallacy of no longer seeking truth. We live in a society that loves a good lie. We love to have our ears scratched. We need to get back to “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth… so help us God.”

Second, it is essential to fully comprehend that it is the SUM of God’s Word that produces truth. The word chosen by God translates to our English word, sum, is a mathematical term. It literally means the totality of the Word of God. To be frank, when you and I take ALL of what God says about a subject, placing all the facts together we discover the truth about that subject. It is also needful to state that I cannot take a piece of a few pieces of God’s Word to get the truth. I need it all, the sum. We need to get back to fully listening to the Word of God on the subject of our lives.

Third, truth is unique to God only. If you and I find truth in another source, we need to remember two things: 1. Examine this truth to make sure it IS true and 2. Truth will always echo itself (meaning that truth and God agree). God is the source of truth just as Satan is the source of lies. With our speech, we will prove whose children we are. We will prove that we are of our Father, God or if we are of our father, the Devil.


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