I Am Blessed

I Am Blessed

While standing on the field of Yankee Stadium, Lou Gehrig, the Yankee’s first baseman, made the following statement: “Today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.” To somewhat borrow the famous ballplayer’s words, today, I consider myself the most blessed man on the face of the earth.”

I am blessed to be a child of God. My Lord has always been there for me, both in good times and difficult times. All I have and all I am today is because of my God. I am blessed.

I am blessed to serve under the 70 West elders.  In over 40+ years of ministry I have never served under a more supportive, encouraging, and loving eldership. I am blessed.

I am blessed to have such a great 70 West family. God knew what He was doing when He led me here just over 3 years ago. I genuinely love you all and look forward to each day serving you. I am blessed.

I am blessed to be a member of such a wonderful staff. To Billy and Angela, my deepest appreciation for all you do to bless our church family. I am blessed.

I am blessed to have my physical family. I’m still not sure why Lisa said, “I do” 41 years ago but I’m sure glad she did. Over the years God has given me 2 great children and 6 even better grandchildren. I am blessed.

Like Lou Gehrig, I am TRULY blessed.

Beginning January 7th, BIBLE INVESTIGATION will undertake a task that will take the rest of January and part of February to complete. A Christian in India has made the following request, “Can you teach Christian doctrine for the benefit of our small church?” He has been a Christian for just a few years and most of the very small congregation have been Christians only for a year or two. They all either speak English or understand English enough to follow my lessons. For the benefit of these Christians and all of us I will explore the 25 biggest doctrinal matters of Christianity via BIBLE INVESTIGATION.

May we always be the right example, reflecting the image of our Lord to the world around us.  Let’s live for Jesus 24/7!


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