Make God Number 1 in 2021

Make God Number 1 in 2021

I have adopted a personal theme for the year 2021 and you might want to do so too. My theme is ‘Make God number 1 in 2021’”.

I’m redirecting my focus on how I live my life… how I make my personal decisions… how I interact with family and friends… how I organize my daily activities… and how I prioritize each day. I’m doing all of this under the umbrella of ‘Make God number 1 in 2021’.

I want to do a better job this year making God my true priority. Please consider joining me in this effort in 2021 and let’s truly ‘Make God number 1 in 2021’.

Have you caught any of our ’40 DAYS FOR LIFE ETERNAL’  messages? These 2-3 minutes brief devotional thoughts aired at 6 am (available as a recording anytime after 6) are a great way to kick start each day with God.

I’m doing the first 10 days, Billy will do the next 10 days and then we will swap out until the 40thday, which we will do together.Beginning January 7th, BIBLE INVESTIGATION will undertake a task that will take the rest of January and part of February to complete. A Christian in India has made the following request, “Can you teach Christian doctrine for the benefit of our small church?” He has been a Christian for just a few years and most of his fellow Christians in their small congregation have been Christians only for a year or two. They all either speak English or understand English enough to follow my lessons. For the benefit of these Christians and all of us I will explore the 25 biggest doctrinal matters of Christianity via BIBLE INVESTIGATION. Please see the list in this bulletin for the class schedule.

May we always be the right example, reflecting the image of our Lord to the world around us. Let’s live for Jesus 24/7!


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