If Christ is Still in the Grave

If Christ is Still in the Grave

In 1st Corinthians 15, Paul wrote a chapter by the inspiration of God, in order to teach us about the truth of the relevance of the Gospel. The Gospel is God’s saving power for man-Romans 1:16. God could have chosen any plan to save man, and He chose to save man by the Gospel. Take an opportunity to read 1st Corinthians 15 and search for these four points.

  • I. If the Christ is still in the grave, then Paul is a false teacher. What an odd statement for the man who was chosen to write a large portion of the New Testament. This man, Paul is so impressive to us and it almost seems very hurtful for us to hear or say this. By the way, that also means that the Gospel is a fake and Christ is still dead.
  • II. If Jesus is in the grave, then your faith is empty. To be empty is void of importance. There seems to be nothing worse than a useless, empty faith. This is the faith that is only for show. This is the faith that would keep us up in midnight worry. If the worry is not there, then we have believed a lie to a point to which we have distorted the proper view of God.
  • III. If God’s Son never left the tomb, then I still have sin. What a scary statement. If I still hold the guilt of sin, I am certain of my Eternity. The wage for every sin holds this same fate. It is also needful to point out that if Christ is still in that tomb then, none of mankind could stand justified before a Holy God.
  • IV. If Jesus is still in the tomb, then those who are members of the church have no hope. In 1st Thessalonians 4:13 we read that only God’s children have hope in death. Without the Resurrection, we have lost everything including our hope.

But praise be unto God that Jesus has been raised and we can access His blood. Have you been washed in that blood?


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