God: the Father

God: the Father

Our God is a complex study. We long to know everything we can about Him. As we gain a knowledge about God, we thirst to know more. During this series of articles, we will explore the Father, the Son and the Spirit. We will notice how these three are different and how they are the same. Today we will notice the Father.

1. God is:

  • a. Great- Deuteronomy 5:24
  • b. Loving- John 3:16
  • c. Holy- 1 Peter 1:15-16
  • d. Perfect- Matthew 5:48
  • e. Kind- Psalm 42:8
  • f. Mighty- Zephaniah 3:17

2. God’s goodness & severity:

  • a. Adam & Eve- Genesis 1:27, 3:14-19
  • b. Noah & the flood- Genesis 6:6-8
  • c. Israelites- Numbers 21:4-9
  • d. Impending Judgment- 1 Timothy 2:4-5, 2 Thessalonians 1:6-9

3. God supplies:

  • a. Salvation- Matthew 1:21
  • b. Daily Life- 1 Peter 2:21
  • c. Atonement- Hebrews 2:9
  • d. Sorrow- Psalm 46:1
  • e. Eternity- Mark 10:29-30

As this article concludes please be very aware that the lists above are not exhaustive at all. However, I think it will give all a sample of the characteristics of the loving God of the Bible. He is our Father and we are His children. Let us live in such a way that will bring honor unto our God.


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