God: the Son

God: the Son

Our God is a complex study. We long to know everything we can about Him. As we study God today, let us focus on the Son, Jesus the Christ. Christ is a word that means King. As we study our God, it is needful to look at the One who came to this Earth for us.Today we will notice the Son.

1. Facts about Jesus

  • a. Sinless- Hebrews 4:15
  • b. Died for us- romans 5:6-8
  • c. Alive forevermore- Revelation 1:18
  • d. Coming back- John 14:1-3

2. The Son of God

  • a. Savior- Luke 19:10
  • b. Lord- 1 Thessalonians 1:1
  • c. Anointed- Matthew 3:17
  • d. Finisher- Hebrews 12:2

3. What Jesus said about Himself

  • a. Resurrection and life- John11:25
  • b. Good shepherd- John 10:11.14
  • c. Light- John 8:12
  • d. Bread- John 6:35

4. Our way to

  • a. Heaven- John 14:6
  • b. Spiritual Blessings- Ephesians 1:3
  • c. Peace- Romans 5:1-3
  • d. Pardon- Matthew 11:28-30

As this article concludes please be very aware that the lists above are not exhaustive at all. However, I think it will give all a sample of the characteristics of the loving God of the Bible. Jesus the Christ is our King and Lord. He is our Savior and our Example. We must strive to be like Jesus Christ.

God: the Father


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