Family Bible Passage

Family Bible Passage

As you and I study through God’s Word, we find ourselves being blessed and blessed. One of the blessings we have, is an eldership that cares about the flock, over which they shepherd. Our eldership has proven this statement to be true time and time again. Yet another way the Eldership of the 70 West church of Christ cares about us is to challenge us with memory verse. Please understand the more of God’s Word we can place into our minds, the more we will reflect on God’s Word. Consider this: If you and I only learn 1 verse each week by the end of the year, we will have committed to memory 52 verses. By the end of next year, we will have memorized 104 verses, etc. In two years, with 104 verses, the amount of Bible you will know will dwarf 90% of people who would call themselves religious, which would include many religious leaders.

John 14:6- “Then Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth and the life. No man cometh unto the Father but by Me.” Take a moment to take this verse into your life. As Jesus answers His hand-picked disciples, letting them understand who He really was and is. Notice the small word “the”. The is defines as- “one and only, to the exclusion of all others.” Jesus said he is THE way. He is THE truth. Christ is THE life. So many others have offered a different way or a different truth or a different life. Those offers from others are a cheap imitation and realistically offer only death. Any offer unto man that does not follow after God’s way through the blood of Jesus is rat poison. Consider that rat poison is 99% corn. It is only 1% poison. However, that 1% is highly dangerous.

Please understand the value of Jesus place onto Him by God. This avenue is the ONLY way to please God and see Him and live eternally with God. What a huge statement! “No man cometh unto the Father but by Me.” Without Jesus I am hopeless and lost. I am of all men most miserable. Without following Jesus, I am still in that same boat. While Jesus has already shed His redemptive blood on that cross for all of mankind, I still have a choice to accept the gift of eternal life. Jesus is our door to the family of God, but I have to open it.

The greatest verse of hope found in the New Testament, in my opinion, is found in John 14:6. Please allow me to translate this verse a little more. John 14:6- Jesus the Christ answered His hand-picked disciples and said, I am the one and only way, I am the one and only truth and I am the one and only source of life. Not one single person has the opportunity to have an audience with the Creator of the universe without accessing Him through Me.

God give us the wisdom to understand this verse and the courage to follow!

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