Psalm 38

Psalm 38

As you and I study the Psalms, we are constantly confronted with the fact that David is just a man. We vault him to a grand position but facts are facts. David was the man, with the help of God, who defeated the Giant. He was the exalted “king” of Israel. David ushered in the Golden Age of Israel. We are exposed to the emotional side of this man by the inspiration of God to let us understand that mankind has emotions and those emotions must be dealt with properly.

Psalm 38

1. The Penalty of Sin:

  • Chastened
    • Vs.1-3= health is broken
    • Vs.4 = guilt
    • Vs.5= festering wounds
    • Vs.6= bent with pain
    • Vs.7= fever
    • Vs.10= going blind
  • Cut-Off
    • Vs.11= Exiled from friends
  • Conspired
    • Vs.12-14= Enemy trying to kill me

2. The Pardon from Sin:

  • Confession of Sin:
    • Vs.15-16= Lord HEAR me
    • Vs.17= Lord HEAL me
    • Vs.18-22= Lord HELP me

3. The Purification from Sin

  • 1 st Kings 2:1-3
  • This is how David was seen as the Man after god’s own heart!


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