Bible Math

Bible Math

As our teens gather every other week for a devo on Monday nights, we study a different topic yearly. This year’s study is Bible Mathematics. As we all were taught mathematics, it all begins with understanding numbers. Take a moment to understand the numbers we have studied so far.

#1- Ephesians 4:4-7 The 7 Ones are located in this passage. One body, Spirit, hope, Lord, faith, baptism, and God. This is the foundational principle of the New Testament system of faith. One of the most definite linguistic facts I found here. The fact is as follows: If one of these 7 ones are correct, then all of them are correct. If I believe one of these, then I am obligated to believe all of them.

#2- I am too… The word to, too and two all sound the same. We focused in on too. I am too young, old, busy, or scared to serve our Lord. We are never too young or old. We could be too scared due to rejection or because we think we do not know enough. Study and compassion put those excuses to rest. It really is as easy as teaching my friends what I did to obey the Gospel. When you convert one person, your confidence will skyrocket. We ought never to be too busy. If I am too busy to serve God, then I, in fact, am too busy.

#3- 3 crosses. We took a few minutes to look at those 3 crosses mentioned in the Gospels. As we studied, what we found was outstanding. I cannot be on any of the three. One was occupied by an unbelieving criminal- I don’t want to be him! One was occupied by a penitent criminal- I am 4,000 miles to far to the west and 2,000 years too late to be on that cross. The third cross was occupied by the Savior who was the perfect sacrifice- I do not have the right to be on that cross.

#4- 4 friends. Last Monday we looked at a paralyzed man who had 4 friends in Mark 2. As we read, we noticed the question, “Do I have 4 friends?” friends who would stop at nothing to get me to Jesus. Do I have friends who would call me out on my life when it does not comply with God’s Law? We also asked the question, “Am I one of those friends?” am I willing to move heaven and earth to bring my lost friends to the Lord?

These lessons on numbers really point out to us how God’s Word fits perfectly in our lives. May God allow us time and space to understand these lessons and apply these lessons to our lives.


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