A Look at Death – Hebrews 9

A Look at Death – Hebrews 9

The Bible helps us understand some of those things that are foreign to us. One such topic is death. It is a doorway to the Eternal. It seems to be a scary idea because we just do not understand it fully. Today let’s look at death according to Hebrews 9. (NOTE: It would profit for you to read Hebrews 9 before reading this article.)

The first death mentioned in Hebrews 9:27-28 is the MANDITORY death. All those men and w omen w e read about in the Bible and admire for their faithfulness unto the LORD have died. As a matter of fact, in Genesis 5 we read about a laundry list of men whose lives are incapsulated in a small phrase- he was begat… and he died. Adam, Noah, Job, Abraham and Sarah, David, Mary, John the Baptizer have all passed from this life into Eternity. This is simply a truth of the human condition. We cherish birth and we often avoid death. Why? Both are works of God as He established the physical body of mankind. Unless the Christ returns while I still am alive, I will die and so will you.

The next death mentioned in Hebrews 9 is the idea of VOLUNTARY death. THIS DEATH IS OPTIONAL! Not only is this death optional, it is absolutely the most important. It is in Matthew chapter 10 where Jesus introduces this concept. Matthew 16- Jesus says I must lay down my life here, a voluntary death. Paul continues with this idea. Romans 6:1-4,6 (crucified with Him), vs.8 (Dead with Christ), vs. 11 (alive unto God through Jesus), vs.12-13 (proof of death). The voluntary death is a key toward Salvation offered unto us by God.

The last death mentioned in Hebrews 9 is the idea of ETERNAL death. THIS DEATH IS OPTIONAL! I know that sounds foolish, however this death of Eternity is the one I chose by not obeying or refusing to choose while I am alive (2 Thessalonians 1:8). Is eternal death true? Yes. Daniel 12, Matthew 25, 2 Thessalonians 1, Jude 7 all point to the fact that this death is EVERLASTING. Eternal death is the payment required for the debt of sin (Romans 6:23). But, there is a gift offered by God for us so we do not have to experience this second death- a lake of fire. That gift is the opportunity to have our sin eradicated, covered by the blood of the sinless Lamb.

May God bless us with the opportunity to choose and the wisdom to choose wisely.


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