Finding the Answers

Finding the Answers

 In the online class BIBLE INVESTIGATION, I am doing my best to answer a host of questions that have been submitted by class participants. This past week one of the questions came from a young father living in Africa. His question was, ‘In the confusion of today’s religious world, can we have agreement & unity’? His question was generated from the frustration he has felt the past two years. 

About two years ago a denominational missionary visited his small village and told the man that he and all his family (4 children ranging in age from a baby at that time up to age 7), needed to be sprinkled for baptism. 

Then about a year ago a missionary from the Lord’s church happen to visit and pointing to the Scriptures, explained to him that New Testament baptism was for people old enough to believe, repent of their sins, and be immersed in water for the remission of sins. The man and his wife were scripturally baptized. 

Recently another denominational missionary visited the village and told him that his baptism was OK but unnecessary. He said salvation was granted at the point of faith and repentance. Can you feel the frustration of this young man? 

My response to this young man was to study his Bible. Only in God’s Word can we achieve unity. In God’s Word, he would see the necessity of scriptural baptism (like the second missionary had taught). Furthermore, I advised him to reject any future missionaries UNLESS they can give book, chapter, and verse for what is being taught. 

That is a good response for all of us. We must check out what is being taught against what the Bible instructs. May we always be students of God’s Word. 


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