Reflecting on Mom

Reflecting on Mom

This past April 16th was the 103rd anniversary of my mother’s birthday. That day on the calendar is always a tough day for me. Even though it has been almost 20 years since my mother left our world, hardly a week goes by that I do not think about her in some way or another. Memories of her flood my soul. 

My mother was the foundation for my faith. If I was picking cotton by her side in the fall, shelling beans on the front porch during a rainy day or learning how to cook in the kitchen during the winter, she would be rattling off Bible facts, quizzing me on previous information she had shared with me, or just telling me Bible stories in a way only she could tell them. 

My mother was not a Christian when she married my father. My father’s side of the family is the one that has the church history dating back to 1841. While my mother did not grow up as a Christian, she made sure I was surrounded by a Christian environment as I grew up. 

My mother was the one who made sure I had whatever I needed for my Bible preparation. My original KJV Bible that I kept until it literally was falling apart was handpicked by my mother. She was the one who pushed for me to be enrolled in school at Crowley’s Ridge Academy, a private school operated by members of the church. My mother was the one who encouraged me and believed in me. 

My mother was so proud of me when I decided to become a minister. I am sure that I would not be who I am today without the constant biblical influence of my mother. 

As we get ready to celebrate that day on the calendar called ‘Mother’s Day’, take a moment and reflect on what your mother means to you. If you have one (or had one if she is deceased) half as good as mine, then my friend, you are blessed beyond measure. 


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