Are We Trying to Fool Ourselves?

Are We Trying to Fool Ourselves?

Earlier this month it happened again. A death took place in northeast Arkansas in a family I know well. I am not talking about the death directly but instead, the reaction to her death. I noticed on Facebook many people expressing their condolences, with several of those expressions being written by my brothers and sisters in the faith. They wrote, “She’s now in heaven looking down on all of us …She’s celebrating a grand reunion in heaven…She’s gained her victory!” Really? Is she really in heaven?

The woman who died was a very nice person and active in the community. She was a good neighbor and a friend to all, but she was NOT a New Testament Christian. She was very religious, but religiously wrong as the church she attended did not practice New Testament worship as outlined by the Bible. She was never baptized for the forgiveness of her sins. She did not partake of the communion weekly. I could go on and on in regards to the traditions of men she followed, but you get the picture.

Still I saw church members (including the wife of one church leader) write the comments that I mentioned above. ARE WE TRYING TO FOOL OURSELVES?

It warms our hearts to believe all our loved ones will be in heaven but what does the Bible teach? If they never obey the Lord and follow His commands, do they have any hope? The answer is NO.

ARE WE TRYING TO FOOL OURSELVES into thinking that any attempt to follow Jesus will be rewarded, whether obedience is kept or not?

It is imperative that we help our loved ones realize their need to completely obey Jesus, and not just man’s traditions. I would rather a loved one get upset with me that I presented the truth to them over the thought of them dying without the opportunity to obey. How about you?

When was the last time you invited your loved ones to a worship service? When was the last time you encouraged a Bible study to commence? Are you living Jesus in front of them 24/7? Do they hear of the good being done or do they often hear of the complaints regarding the Lord’s church? Are you selling them on Jesus or running them off from the Lord? May we always live in such a way so they can see Jesus living in us!


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