A Victorious Risen Lord!

A Victorious Risen Lord!

In some ways it feels like the proverbial script for a classic Hollywood movie. You know the type of movie. The good guy hero that you have rooted for during the entire movie seems defeated up to the very end but comes back in a grand way to claim the victory. You and I can make a long list of movies with that theme.

But the story of Jesus is more than a mere Hollywood movie. This day almost 2,000 years ago would be the defining moment in all of history. Jesus had come to earth. He had lived a life that still is a perfect example to you and me. He had been falsely accused. He was wrongly convicted. He had died on the cross.
If that was the end of the story, it would be a good story but that’s all it would be to you and me, just a good story.

But this Jesus claimed the victory by the power of God and was victorious over death. The grave was empty on that Resurrection Sunday and by that power you and I have the hope of a home in heaven.

Today in our world the buildings that house our sister congregations are mostly empty with only essential people there to facilitate the recording of the worship service that is aired to members. The building may be empty, but the church is not empty. The church is full of the blessings of a risen Savior. The church is full of the hope that is in Him. The church is full today because the grave was empty that day almost 2,000 years ago.

Join with me in worshiping a victorious risen Lord!
~Michael Cox


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