Handling Current Events

Handling Current Events

The following six main points were originally written by another minister. I am borrowing his six points so that I might expand in further explanation considering the current crisis. 

1. PAY ATTENTION TO THE WORLD BETWEEN YOUR EARS (I Peter 1:13) In many ways, you and I are influenced by what we think and what we think is linked to what we hear. Instead of the constant ‘bad news’ the media presents, I have doubled my efforts to study the GOOD NEWS. Billy and I are presenting 40 minutes each day of GOOD NEWS from God’s Word. Please join us daily on facebook.com/airportroad and let’s get into the Word. 

2. DON’T SELF MEDICATE ON SIN (I Peter 1:14-16) With time on our hands it would be easy to spiral down into sin and with modern technology, sin is only a mouse click away. I was disappointed last week when I read that pornography usage among Christians is way up. Don’t fill your mind with those kinds of images. Instead, picture the love of a Savior that would leave the glory of heaven to come to earth to live, die and be resurrected for you. The love of Jesus is REAL. 

3. PANDEMIC FEAR AND ANXIETY DOES NOT EXCUSE OUR CONDUCT (I Peter 1:17-19) Hoarding and ignoring the needs of others doesn’t lead our friends to Jesus. Rather, it causes them to look away from the One who wants to save them. 

4. EVEN IN THE CURRENT DISTRESS, WE SEEK TO LIFT UP THE NAME OF JESUS (I Peter 1:20-21) With the cancellation of classes on campus and having only one worship service for those who are able to attend, it’s even easier now to leave out Jesus. Let’s not do that. As I have said before, “Going seven days without Jesus will make one WEAK!” 

5. THE PRESENCE OF A PANDEMIC DOES NOT OVERCOME LOVE (I Peter 1:22-23) In good times and in bad times, we love God, we love each other, and we love our community. That’s what Jesus did while on earth and that’s what we must do. 

6. WHATEVER WE MAY FACE, GOD’S WORD IS FOREVER (I Peter 1:24-25) I can’t tell you what will happen today, tomorrow, the next week or the next month but I do know who does know and that’s God. His Word will last for eternity. 

When this current crisis is over let me urge you to really commit your time, effort, and love for God and His church. Let’s not forget the assembling of ourselves together …(Hebrews 10:25). 

~Michael Cox 


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