COVID-19 and Worship

COVID-19 and Worship

We are living in very weird times. We are living in a time when a virus is sweeping over the world in a pandemic format. For the church, this time of quarantining our worship together looks very different from anything we have ever seen. It is a period of isolation and healing of our nation and yet we still see the Divine obligation to come together as a group of saints. All those things being understood, we need to understand how we can make our worship at home as profitable as possible.

We need to tune in. We cannot just skip or put off the worship of our Lord. As you watch the service live streamed at the proper time, you are worshiping with the saints, even when we are not in the same room. It is important to see each other’s faces and see our brothers and sisters. This should be our source of strength during this difficult time.

Wear your “Sunday Clothes”. When you get up from a restful night’s sleep, treat these quarantined Sundays like every other Sunday. Eat your breakfast, shower and shave. Be ready to go to gather with the church, even put on your normal attire for church services. This will give these meetings a sense of normalcy.

Turn off the world. It is absolutely necessary to get rid of all the distractions from this world during the time of Worship. Turn off the television and cell phone. Do not open other tabs on the internet. Remember this is still worship unto our God and He deserves our undivided attention. This will help us to keep the main thing -the main thing!

It could also be helpful to sit at the kitchen table or desk to keep our attention focused fully on God. If I sit on my couch, I know I get way too relaxed and my mind will wander quickly. We need to try to remember that this is our worship service and we want to show God a proper amount of respect.

Actually, God does not expect anything differently from us as worshipers during this quarantine as any normal time in our lives. We need to make sure we are actively participating in all five acts of worship. Most all actions of worship we are able to follow along with the live stream, except our giving unto God. You and I need to drop off our giving or mail it in. If I wait until I return, I know I would use that money for other things. Sing loudly, pray fervently, study diligently, partake the Lord’s Supper worthily, and give godly. Keep your hands clean, help your family and friends, and keep God in proper perspective.

I love you and I cannot wait till we can be together quickly.

~Billy Hayes


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