You Can Rest Assured

You Can Rest Assured

“Are you saved?” This question doesn’t seem to be a difficult question to answer. Perhaps a better way to ask this question is: “Have you been saved by God’s plan of salvation?” As we explore this question, remember it is only by His plan that man is saved and it is only His way.

  1.  Do you know you are lost? To understand the idea of being lost is the key to understanding how to be saved. Sin is our problem. Sin is what has separated us from God (Isaiah 59:1-2). To be lost means I am separated from God and all His blessings (Ephesians 1:1-4). My sin has taken me away form an all-loving and merciful God. Notice Luke 15:17, “And when he came to himself…”. The process by which a man realizes his sin and “comes to himself” is the point at which something MUST change. Either man will change his lifestyle or that man will change the authority of God.
  2.   Do you know how to repair the relationship between you and your God? Just knowing I am lost is not enough. I then MUST change. I must believe in the authority of God (John 8:24). After a full belief, I need to repent (Luke 13:3&5). Repentance means to change my thoughts about sinful activities. Next is confession that Jesus is the way, truth and life; that He is the Redeemer (John 14:1-6, Matthew 10:32-33). Baptism is the next step. To be cleansed from the guilt of sin and its stains on my life. (Acts 2:38, Romans 6:1-4). That simple process will repair my relationship with the Creator. He will be my God and I will be a part of His people.
  3.   Do you know how to remain faithful? In Acts 8:1-22, we read of a brother in Christ who finds himself in need of coming back to God. So many of us rely on the simple fact that we have been baptized to assure us of our salvation. However, it is possible for me to walk away from God and His goodness (Romans 11:22). To continue our walk with God, we need to stay in the proper relationship with God. Faithfulness is what will be rewarded by God, not just being baptized. Let’s do all we can to remain faithful.


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