What exactly will it take?

What exactly will it take?

The 18-month period in our nation known as the Covid Crisis had the entire nation in the clutches of its sinister hand for a while. We learned about masks, boy, did we learn about masks. We learned about social distancing and other important ideas to keep us a little more healthy. We are drawing closer to the idea of having this pandemic under control.

Perhaps a more important question is this: What have we learned in the church through this pandemic? A group of the church has learned about their resolve to God. Many have determined to follow God, no matter what may rise (Acts 5:29). It has been an interesting few months to see the solider of God stand at attention, clad with his armor and have a look of fortitude on his face. How proud God must be of His faithful children as they live lives of honor and glory toward Him.

Yet another group has been reconnected with their brethren. This pandemic has brought so many of our shut-ins back to the assembling of the saints by the efforts of a live stream process. I am grateful we have the opportunity to include our older brothers and sisters who have been longing for time with their family. We may never know or understand the complete value of the live stream to this group of God’s saints.

Another group has been trained to think the assembling of the saints is not really important. Many have been trained for 18 months to think, ”Why do I need to assemble if I can just take communion and watch the services?” Two problems— (1) When did just taking communion replace the other actions of worship? And (2) How did we get to the point where we think we just have to watch what the others are doing to worship God? Please God, allow us time to reach all of these lost souls.

It is time for the church to come together again. It is time for the church to return to her divinely appointed duty of teaching the lost about the love of God and reminding the saved to stay faithful unto Him. “I must work the works of Him that sent me while it is day; the night cometh when no man can work.” (John 9:4)

-Billy Hayes


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