What’s Coming Up in October

What’s Coming Up in October

The month of October will be action-packed here in Hot Springs. I hope you are ready for a great month! We have a very unique opportunity lying before us. It is up to us what we will do with that opportunity. We will host our annual youth weekend and a 4 -day event for the brotherhood in our nation.

Our BLAZE weekend will be a much anticipated time to gather with our friends from other states. BLAZE is designed to encourage our youth to remember two things:

  1. 1. God wants us to be successful and
  2. 2. We are all trying to get through this life faithful unto God.

It will be a wonderful weekend and you do not want to miss out. In order to be a part, I need you to register. BLAZE is a free event, but in order to provide lunch, I need a headcount. Take the time to invite your friends. We all know someone who needs to be encouraged.

Following on the heels of BLAZE, we will host PTP-SPARK. This is a shorter version of Polishing the Pulpit, which takes place in Tennessee in the month of August. PTP-SPARK is designed to help us keep our lamps trimmed and bright. We will have access to so many great speakers on so many great topics.

Once again, I need you to register for this free event. We may have to provide additional seating. I would love to have so many here for SPARK that we need to put out additional seating at every class session. I do not know of any congregation hosting two events quite like these two events.

We need your help. Make sure you are registered! After that is completed, we will need housing for some youth groups and we could be asked to help in other ways while these events are ongoing. Let’s all be excited and ready to help however, where ever!

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