They Prayed!

They Prayed!

In the Old Testament, Abraham did it. Moses certainly did it and did it often. David was known to also do it. The prophets, both major and minor, did it. Even Jesus himself did it on many occasions. What am I talking about? They prayed!

We are into day #15 of our 40 Days of Prayer. How are you doing? Is your prayer life booming? Are you excited to see what great things God will do when His children pray? Is daily prayer becoming ‘very natural’ as you pray often during the day, and not just a meal and bedtime. I sincerely hope so!

Prayer is vital for effective spiritual growth in God’s family. Here are more tips on how YOU can become energized during our 40 Days of Prayer:

In your mind imagine you are talking to your best friend because that’s exactly what you are doing. Don’t get bogged down with fancy church-sounding words. Make it NATURAL as you would if you were talking to a friend.

Pray at times when you are NOT being stressed out. Avoid times when you are thinking about the seemingly 101 things you need to get done that day.

Talk to someone else (spouse or a friend) about how prayer is helping you. Talking positively about prayer will help you dive deeper into your own prayer life. Reflect on some of the great positive passages in God’s Word such as the book of Philippians or maybe the Psalms. Perhaps read a chapter or two before beginning your prayer time.

Journal! Write down your prayer requests and think about how God will answer your prayers. In my personal prayers, I’m praying for you. Each day I’m praying for 25 families that make up the 70 West family. I have prayed once already for every family here from A to Z and now I’m nearing the end of my second time through my list. May our great God bless us all in this effort. – Michael Cox


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