Unsung Heroes

Unsung Heroes

 In so many ways ministering here at 70 West is so easy. I’m surrounded by encouraging folks who give many pats on the back, even when I do not deserve them. When you are working in the spotlight where people see you, it’s natural for your service to be acknowledged. But how about those folks who are serving but not in the spotlight? It’s easy to overlook them. It’s easy to take them for granted. It’s easy to fail to appreciate what they do for the 70 West family. 

Today I spotlight three people who serve in especially important ways but it’s easy to forget their contribution to our work.

First in my unsung hero spotlight is Bob Cole. For each worship service, Bob arrives exceedingly early to get the little but ever-so-necessary things done. Who unlocks all our many doors, gets the lights turned on, and sets out the prepared communion trays? That’s Bob! Who receives the PowerPoint slides for the sermons each week and in his spare time organizes the speaker’s PowerPoint slides with the song leader’s selections so that our worship service can be nicely organized and orderly? That’s Bob! Who gets the microphones and hearing devices ready to be used? That’s Bob! 

My second unsung hero is Billie Gregory. For years Billie (and sometimes others have joined her) has come down to the building to prepare our communion trays. With the current need to place the bread into individual cups, this work requires even more time. It may seem small, but Billie’s work is so much appreciated! Thanks Billie for being one of our unsung heroes. 

My third unsung hero is Rick Palmer who helps to make sure the communion service proceeds without any problems. Rick also helps out with the men serving and is always willing to step in where there’s a need. Thanks, Rick, for going the extra mile! 

These are just three of our unsung heroes. None of my three unsung heroes serve for the accolades. None of them expect a pat on the back. They serve only to glorify the Lord. That’s enough for them but occasionally it would not hurt for all of us to give them a pat on the back. They deserve it. 


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